New very cool Iphone app

I´m beta testing a new app for Iphone. Its called CWspeed and is made by SA6BNV Åke. Its a very nice app for practice your CW skills, both for a beginner and for someone who wants to improve their speed. You always have it near at hand when you get a few minutes without nothing to do. I know morse already but its great for improving your speed. And I think it will also be good for beginners.

The app is very easy to use. But I still recommend to read the help file for some extra hints and ideas.  And I agree with Åke about using Farnswoth timing and not start out with slow caracters.

Sound is great, both in speakers and phones and the app has a clear and easy navigated user interface. Here is a link to more screenshots than I provide here. The app will be available shortly from appstore at low cost. Keep an eye out for more info.
All info posted with permission from developer.

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