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It´s working!!!!!!

USB controller and oscillator working. What a feeling. Had some issues first but that was a problem with the USB hub. Now it connects. And whats even better. I can hear the oscillator in the other rigs. And I can … Continue reading

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USB power built

So…. I have soldered my first surface mounted stuff. Im not happy but I managed to do it. with some difficulties. But now the USB power supply is built and measured and values are as expected. Now moving on to … Continue reading

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Result of the evening

Did the first soldering on the softrock last night. So far so good (i think) But trouble ahead. Now i have to solder a tiny tiny smd voltage regulator. Have never dealed with smd or such small components before. Have … Continue reading

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New project coming up

SM7RRF and me have ordered some new toys from USA. Its an nice litle softrock kit. 1w SDR tranciever for 30/20/17m. RRF was here tonight and delivered my kit. So soldering iron will he heated in a few minutes. Just … Continue reading

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