Who am I

My name is Örjan Johansson but also called George because no one from the anglo-saxian countries can pronounce my name correct. And George is the english version of Örjan. They both come from Saint George and the dragon.

I was born in 1965

My call is SM7PXS
I got my licence in 1985 but started with radio much earlier on 11 meter (didn´t we all)

My first licence was only a licence for working VHF and up, but the same year I got my HF-license

I have two daughters. The first born in June 1997 Beatrice and the second in May 2001, Klara.

I work as manager för IT operations for the County Council of Kalmar Län.

My main interest on the radio is HF and I work mostly 30 and 17 meters. I don´t have any fancy equipment but I enjoy it anyway