Antenna up


We are on location. Have built the antenna here on site. Swr not to bad and vu2dk coming in 55. Now we will start to call and see if we get some contacts.

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Mini DX-pedition

Tomorrow me and Ronny SM7RRF will go to Öland Island EU-037 and work some radio. Nothing exotic but a small portable operation from the cliffs just above the water. will be qrv on 40-20-17. Will post more info and pics tomorrow.

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New computer for the remote op

Doing some work in the radio room. Long time since I did something useful here. And long time since I worked radio. The new job takes a lot of time and since I live away during the weeks the family have had higher priority the first weekends.

But now its vacation and I can spend some time in here. Setting up a new radio hooked up to the IC-703 today. Had to take the old PC to other dutys. So hopefully I will be back on working remote soon. It will also give me the possibility to work some radio from the work location via remote.

Its a small laptop with 12” screen but that is not a problem since i will only run it with remote control software. never actually work on the computer. Using live mesh from Microsoft when I operate the laptop from another PC and Teamviewer when accessing it from any of the smartphones  Read more about the setup and software here

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Long time no see

Tomorrow will be a strange day in my life. I will work the last day at the job I have had for the last 15 years. On Friday a new chapter in the book of life will begin. Interesting to see if I will work 15 years for the new company too.

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Receiver and oscillator working together

Yipii.. I finished building the oscillator board tonight. And then it was time to connect it to the receiver board and antenna for the first time. Power on and nothing heard. checking oscillator with the scope.. flat.. nothing. Hm.. moved the – power cable. to a better connection point. just used an aligator clip. whoa.. looking good on the scope and careful tuning on the VFO-pot.. Noise.. sound.. and there.. SM1ALH on nice and clear CW. Holy smoke its working! Tomorrows work will be to put it all on a groundplane and start to put it in a box. Drill holes for the pots on the front. Will post pics and a sound clip tomorrow. Now bedtime.

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Rig is moving on

2 boards almost finished. I still have some touch up to do. Sorry for the dark picture but used the Iphone cam


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build progress

Long time since I did some work on the rig project. Have been sick and was missing some components. But now its full speed ahead. Oscillator board and cw sidetone board is almost done. And receiver board too. Weekend project is to connect them and see if it still works. Will post pics tonight.

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Antenna work brings DX

Have gotten some problems with my old HF6V vertical during the winter. oxide and corrosion and stuff. Spent some time yesterday solving the worst things and bringing back to resonance. First QSO made was 4S7NE on 30m, gave my call once. So…. guess the antenna is working as it should. Ler

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CWspeed released. A great Iphone cw app

The morse code trainer app  for Iphone, CWspeed I wrote about in a previous comment is now released on Appstore. You can try the free version and see if yoy like it. But I can assure you its worth to spend the few pennies the full version cost. Im sure it will increase your cw speed or you will learn Morse. And for free you get good training in typing faster and more accurate o your Iphone keyboard.

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Monster on the run

Our own little monster out and playing around in the snow.

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