New computer for the remote op

Doing some work in the radio room. Long time since I did something useful here. And long time since I worked radio. The new job takes a lot of time and since I live away during the weeks the family have had higher priority the first weekends.

But now its vacation and I can spend some time in here. Setting up a new radio hooked up to the IC-703 today. Had to take the old PC to other dutys. So hopefully I will be back on working remote soon. It will also give me the possibility to work some radio from the work location via remote.

Its a small laptop with 12” screen but that is not a problem since i will only run it with remote control software. never actually work on the computer. Using live mesh from Microsoft when I operate the laptop from another PC and Teamviewer when accessing it from any of the smartphones  Read more about the setup and software here

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