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Receiver working!

Sorry no picture of the test setup. But the reciver is working. I had only made one mistake. The scematics said 2 different transistors in the audio stage, guess I was a bit tired there. I used two of the … Continue reading

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Oscillator card proceeding

Have added some more components to the oscillator card. now about half is done. but a lot of obstacles still to come. I also made a new toroid for it. On yellow core instead of red to increaste temp stability. … Continue reading

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Receiver finished!

The receiver part of the tranciever is finished. Have not tested yet but everything is there.  Head phone jack is the only thing missing but that will be part of the box. When the picture was taken it also lacked … Continue reading

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Receiver status

The receiver is almost finished. Mixer part is tested and works. Just a few components missing in the audio part. I have to decide if to prefer speakers or headphones or both. and to choose values from that.

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