Wire mess

I thought I had the plan clear in my head. first 6 wires was easy. or so I thought. Realized when I started with the other six I was wrong. On this pic only a few are connected and the second toroid going on top is not even there.


So.. just to start all over again.

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Results of the evening

Had to start all over again with the receiver. Had the wrong version of PCB layout. A bit easier with the new one. More room for the coils in the ring diode mixer.

Started with a new card and new components so now Im back where I was before. Tomorrow the coils will be mounted on the card. A LOT of tiny wires. And somehow I have a feeling they must be in the correct hole.. 12 of them.

At least its a start. Hopefully smoke test of the receiver part on tuesday.


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Oscillating on 3,555 MHz


Nice to get a proof its working.

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Oscillator oscillating


Have it working from 3.45 to 3.55 MHz. Needs some adjusting.

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New story added

Have added a story I wrote about the light house activity 2010. Unfortunately only in swedish

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Test setup


The test setup of the oscillator starts to take form. Smoke test tomorrow.

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How I spent my evening

We are building our own 80m trancievers at the radio club. Yesterday I spent the evening twisting cable and winding the torroids for the ring diode mixer in the receiver.


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Will be fun to see what we can create from this mess…

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View from a window

Picture taken this morning from the office window. A bit cold on the bike to work.


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Antenna problems

The winter have not been nice to my antennas. I discovered today that some of the radials on the vertical was destroyed. and there are some other unidentified problems too. Means I have to take the vertical down for restauration. Need to put something else up as temporary replacement. The question is what.


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